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Brigitte Meuwsen's Debut Album  "Pfff"

Brigitte Meuwsen

Pfff is the debut Album from Brigitte Meuwsen.

Having only started writing songs in 2008, Dutch born Brigitte has come a long way from being a house wife raising her 3 daughters. Through joining myspace, she became friends with London born Jamaican raised producer, songwriter, guitarist, performer, Steve Wellington aka Dreadlox Holmes.

Brigitte and Dreadlox Holmes finally met in London, then weeks later Brigitte was back again where she recorded her debut single "That's What It's All About" between Dreadlox's Havavision Studios in Camden London UK and Soundville Studios in Lucerne Switzerland the single was released on Dreadlox Holmes's independent label HAVAVISION RECORDS 1st Sept. 2008.

Since then a total of 5 songs has been released:

  • If U Know Wha I Mean - Release date - 08/01/2009  The Asino Remix Also licenced to Spinnin Records for the MADE IN NL ORIGINAL DUTCH HOUSE compilation CD - Released - 11/06/2009
  • Start Giving It Up Feat. Dreadlox Holmes - Release Date - 20/04/2009 Soon To Be re-released
  • Calling Out The DJ's/Play My Fuckin Song Feat. Dreadlox Holmes - Release Date - 03/08/2009
    The Dave Turn remix of this track is all over the world, it seems to have a life of it's own No. 7 on the Internet DJ Charts, getting rave reviews
  • If I Were You - Release Date - 05/10/2009 has been playlisted by numerous Dutch Radio Stations

Her Debut Album "Pfff" where all these songs are from, was released on the 07/12/2009. Dreadlox Holmes on Co-Writing & Production also featured on 3 of the 12 songs

Also Featured Havavision Records Artists Kid Afrika & Jaalleb on the Song "Love Amore Liebe (The Hippest Guy), Brigitte Meuwsen who has Co-written the majority of the lyrics on 11 of the 12 Songs on this Album, brings to life her experiences of Joy & Sadness, Ups & Downs to paint a poignant picture of the life she has had, and the life she wants to live.

Brigitte writes from the heart, music does not fit into a square box, whatever the vibe is then that's what it is, her lyrics are pure and honest, whether the soundtrack to her lyrics is Pop, Rock, Reggae, Soul, Flamenco, Folk, Country, and Dance. From only starting to write songs in 2008, she has now emerged into a very prolific lyricist and songwriter, and an artist that will leave her mark on music forever.



Not only is Havavision Records a record label...we are now also a Publishing company!!

Following a trip to Midem this year and our Havavision catalogue now evolving into one we are very proud of, this year looks to be the year we make our mark and leave our "Havavision" Stamp on the world music scene.

Not only are we focused on our careers as writers and artists.....

Nor are we merely focused on promoting and releasing our artists' new releases through Havavision Records...

But we are now stretching our branches and giving birth to Havavision Publishing.....!

We'd like you to stay with us and share the journey and support our artists as they flourish in the genres they are so great in!

Get ready for :

RAS BOOPS - releasing his first single with AA side on MARCH 09th! 'I'LL BE THERE' and 'I HAD A DREAM' &

BRIGITTE MEUWSEN - releasing her third single 'Start Giving It U feat. Dreadlox Holmes on ' APRIL 20th!



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