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Kid Afrika

Kid Afrika mixes Latino rap with funky, soulful vocals, laid down over a backdrop of hip hop, reggaeton and afro-cuban beats.

This unique fusion of poppy salsa and rumba hooks with a tight versatile hip-hop flow, combined with his explosive live shows have gained him the reputation of being one of the most charismatic, energetic and talented Latin performers in Europe right now.


Born 9th October 1975 in Havana City, Cuba, Danny Ramirez Jova a.k.a Kid Afrika arrived in London in 2003, fresh from Havana's thriving hip hop scene, where he established himself as one of Cubas hottest rapping talents.

With his band in Cuba Orchestra Salsa de la Caridad, Danny has supported many of the islands most famous and talented musicians and groups such as El Chispa Y Los Complises, Adalberto Alvarez Y Su Son, Bamboleo, Charanga Habanera and Compay Segundo in most prestigious venues in Cuba, such as Hotel National and Casa de la Musica.

Since arriving in the UK, he has performed in various clubs and festivals throughout Europe and has built up a following based on the reputation of being one of the most hardworking and dynamic performers this side of the pond. Venues include: Momo, Koko, Jazz Cafe, Bar Rumba, Zoo Bar, Que Rico, Cargo, Latin Splash, Heatwave vs Mas Fuego, Club 333, Islington Academy, Hard Rock Cafe, Carnival de Cuba, Rise Festival, Carnaval del Pueblo and regularly guests with the London based Latin-Jazz-Funk band Motimba.

In 2007 he was chosen as the face to represent the Back to Roots MOBO competition sponsored by Western Union. Click here to view interview

"Havana-born, London-based Kid Afrika is the hottest Cuban MC in Europe, He offers a fresh twist on Latin hip hop and has been tearing up live shows all over London" - Don Lubi, Nascente Records

"Kid Afrika is one of the most talented Cuban artists in the UK, He truly represents the musicality that Cubans are famous for... A great artist in the making" - Jose Luis Candela, Latin Flow, reggaeton.co.uk

"Check out this rapper who's blazing up London's urban Latino scene right now, this man has great flow and quickfire machine gun lyrical skills" - Lubi Jovanovic - Straight No Chaser Magazine/Nascente Records

"Kid Afrika is the most successful Cuban rapper this side of the pond, his electric live shows have been known to send the crowd into a frenzy"
- Gabriel Myddleton, Heatwave, Scandalbag Records