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JAALLEB's music is this ideal place whereby all of a sudden a ROCK singer would spontaneously thrust himself into jamming along with a FLAMENCO guitarist and a FUNK rhythm section eVen though they'd neVer priorily met, haVing assumed that their musical and cultural genres being all too incompatible the only sensible thing to do would be to all go their separate ways without eVen giVing themselVes a chance to cross swords.

Not only is Jaalleb's artistic purpose to reconciliate the irreconciliable but also to actually attempt writing popular and catchy tunes on it, as if those stylistically opposite poles of the Music planet had always co-existed thus far and that fusion been part of our eVeryday culture!

Traditionally rigid World beats suddenly become cool and funky while a Pop Vocal line kicks in, a raVaging Flamenco guitar lick assumes a Rock'N'Roll identity and some Motown-like string and horn sections sweep the whole thing.

This is JAALLEB!
And his musical agenda opens wide windows of scope for major changes in the song factory.

London-born but raised in Paris, of mixed-race background, Jaalleb grew up as a self-taught "gypsy" taking the best of both worlds from those two typically cosmopolitan great capital cities.

He ended up being fluent in languages such as french, english, spanish and italian and as a result in his music writing it's not unlikely to often hear him swap from english to spanish in his singing from one Verse to another within the same song.

As a kid at home his english-teaching mother of armenian descent would play him those british-rooted Top-of-the-Pops charts tracks of the "Swinging London" hippie era together with the Motown Label classics, while on the other hand his tunisian afro-arabic dad would impregnate him with the mystics of eastern traditional music from the Middle-East, India, Central Asia and North-Africa, encouraging him to assimilate the latter if he eVer was to embrace a musical career.

Aged fourteen he got his first guitar and started his own renditions of Mark Knopfler, Ritchie Blackmore, AlVin Lee, BB King, Brian May and Hendrix among other legendary guitarists by whom he first got inspired.
During those formatiVe years Mark Knopfler's influence got such a hold on him that eVen to this day he kept that infamous and caracteristic odd left hand finger picking position of his on the guitar, regardless of what style he plays.

He then leaped into the harder side of Rock guitar, diggin in the likes of Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Guns&Roses, Iron Maiden, Pantera and others.
In the meantime he also taught himself to play the bass and the drums to a leVel that actually allows him to perform those instruments in successiVe oVer-dubbed layers by himself when recording his own material in the studio.

But then a short year later, the discoVery of Flamenco guitarists such as Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Manolo Sanlucar and Chicuelo radically shattered all his musical conceptions and he started a dramatic and steady dedication process that lasts to this day.
That among others things implied the unaVoidable initiatic studying journey and stay in the andalucian part of Spain in the cradle city of Flamenco, Jerez de la Frontera.

Aged eighteen he was performing and also first took on singing in Paris suburbia's underground scene with Rock, Metal and Punk bands, but also alternatiVely, and as weird and hybrid as that may sound, in priVate parties with traditional Flamenco-Rumba combos made of members of the parisian spanish community.

Thus began and started forming in his mind the first draft of fusioning in one and for his own compositions those musical extremes.
The completion of this process took place when he came back to settle for good in London in 2002 for music-writing purposes and immediately started gigging frantically as a session musician in numerous clubs, restaurants, music Venues, concert rooms and festiVals within countless bands as opposed in genres as Salsa, Gospel, Flamenco, Jazz, World, Funk, DJ's, Brazilian, Classical Music, Arabic Music and others.

Venues include:
Olympia, Ronnie Scott's, Royal Albert Hall, Hackney Empire, Hippodrome, China White, Rex Club, Salsa Club, Guanabara Club, Hyde Park FestiVal, Rise FestiVal, The Truman Brewery Flamenco FestiVal, Slough Music FestiVal.

Session work includes collaborations with producers such as:
Richard Niles whose credits feature Paul McCartney, Westlife, Tina Turner, James Brown, Ray Charles, Mariah Carey, Boyzone and others.
Roberto Borzoni of BMG Music Publishing for the TV project "Spanish flaVours".
Srjan Krupel of ZOUND Music Label for the croatian Pop Star Nina Badric No 1 hit-single "Matrica".
KeVin Malpass whose credits feature Tina Arena, Mel B, Maria Rubia and others.

Jaalleb is currently working on his debut album and constantly polishing some of his most intricate tracks written during the course of the last 5 years, arranging or re-writing them, recording them as a multi-instrumentist, mixing and mastering them.