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Brigitte Meuwsen

Brigitte Meuwsen is a Dutch Woman living in Switzerland and has been Dreaming of making Music for many years now.

Through joining myspace, she became friends with London born Jamaican raised, producer Steve Wellington AKA Dreadlox Holmes, who added her as a friend after she left a comment on Roachford's myspace page, of whom Brigitte is a Huuuuge fan.

Brigitte the Dreamer,  and Dreadlox Holmes the Songwriter Producer, finally met In London and Brigitte brought him a gift of some amazing Swiss Chocolate so that he would not forget her - and he did not.

The two met once again at Roachford's Gig in Jazz Cafe, Tuesday 29th of April 2008. Then two weeks later Brigitte was back again where she recorded her Debut Single "That's What It's All About" between Dreadlox's Havavision Studios in Camden London UK, and Soundville Studios Luzerne Switzerland.

The single will be released on Dreadlox Holmes's Label Independent label HAVAVISION RECORDS.
Brigitte is very exited and happy about this 1st step In fulfilling her dream.

She says: "If I can make my dreams come true, it is really Possible to do whatever you want In Life, you just have to Believe in it, ask your Angel and Go for it!! I've done it to show my three Daughters that they have to follow Their Dreams and Never give up!! Hope you like our Song!! Love B".