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ALF obstinately stick to experimental methods, primarily spontaneous creation.  Music to ALF is "Art"", with a capital A.  That really is the most important element.  Music is an artform with the freedom to sculpt musical forms to invoke the imagination. 

It's deeper than just beautiful sounds and voices cleverly sculpted to perfection.  It's a place in the brain where surprise acts as a catalyst for artistic interpretation.  Where perfection is bland if there are no surprises and where thought is required to make the picture make sense.

To try to catagorise ALF's music so far it can loosely be broken down into grouping the first three projects together.  These could be placed somewhere in the ambient electronica arena each exploring different bases.

The fourth album is unique from the others in that ALF wanted to show that they are making experimental forms of music not because they can't write songs, but because they love experimenting.  Suicide Is The Last Thing On My Mind is packed full of songs that any song based artist would be happy with.

ALF are currently working on their 5th project and still experimenting.

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ALongside Frank

Cajun Wolf
Suicide Is The Last Thing On My Mind